Roasted leg of lamb

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Choose the tender meat of hind leg of lamb, cut off calf, make cross cut on the surface of meat and roast for 4 hours together with onions, gingers, tomatoes, carrots, celeries cubes and other flavors like black pepper, soy sauce. When the meat becomes dark red, it can be served. Eat with the Mongolian knife, cut off pieces and eat with sweet sauce, green onion or pancake.

It is said that roasted leg of lamb was one of Genghis Khan’s favorite dishes. He used to eat roasted whole lamb during war, but his cook cut it into pieces to save his time for more rest.

    Genghis Khan was quite busy with wars, so he didn’t realize the change. At last he liked the dish quite a lot and had to eat it everyday. Thus, herdmen have a new dish on their table.

   As time goes on, urban cooks learn how to cook the dish and after scientific preparation, it becomes a welcoming dish on restaurant tables.

  Roasted leg of lamb has good appearance, dark red color, tender meat, and taste well with a cup of drink, which is loved by the old and young widely.