Boiled Lamb

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Boiled lamb is called “Buhelimaha” in Mongolian, and it is an easy and good way to entertain the guests. The way to cook boiled lamb is to: cut beef or mutton into cubes and boil them in water without flavors. Local people think cows and sheep eat five-flavor grass and their meat already has flavors. If cooked well, it will taste very good. Boiled lamb is eaten by hand, but Ordos Mongolian has rules for it, and one common rule is to eat one piece of shoulder bone meat together with four pieces of long rib meat. As for beef, spine meat has to be served with half rib and part of intestine. Children are not allowed to eat sheep or cow bone marrow and tail meat.

  Boiled lamb is the traditional food for people of Mongolian, Ewenke, Dahaner and Elunchun. Meat of sheep, cow, horse and camel can all be cooked and eaten by hand. However, the dish usually means to eat lamb by hand.


  Boiled lamb is herdsmen’s most common and favorite food and the necessary dish to entertain their guests. If you visit grassland sites, you must eat the boiled lamb, which has become a necessity. In addition, for the herdmen, if they don’t entertain you with boiled lamb, they can’t express their hospitality completely. Thus, boiled lamb has become the rule to entertain the guests.


  The preparation and serving of boiled lamb are very unique.

Usually, you will choose a fat and tender lamb, remove the chest fur, cut open the chest, reach your hand inside, snap the main artery and let the blood bleed inside of the body. The advantage of this “heart butcher” over “neck butcher” is that blood will soak part of the meat and make it pink and easy to digest. Then remove the skin, head and hooves. Then cut the lamb to a dozen pieces and boiled in fresh water without flavors. When the color changes, cut with knife and serve when it still has a bit bloodshot. People sit around with knife and lamb on each hand. The lamb is fat but not greasy. This is the common way for herdmen to eat boiled lamb. However, in restaurants, all sorts of flavors can be fixed and serve together with the lamb. If it is your first time to eat boiled lamb, you will not just taste the lamb, but also experience the curiosity.