Milk Tofu

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Milk Tofu is called “Huruda” in Mongolian and is a very common diary product for herdmen. There are slight sour and sweet flavors and are usually used in milk tea or eaten on travel. Caramelized milk tofu is also a specialty dish.


There are two kinds of milk tofu, raw milk tofu and cooked milk tofu. The way to cook milk tofu is to: leave the milk slurry for a few days for fermentation. When the slurry solidifies, filter water and boil the solid parts and keep stirring until sticky. Then squeeze out extra water with gauze and mold it. At last, cut it into different shapes. The way to make raw milk tofu is to: fermentate fresh milk and boil it when sour. When the slurry turns hard, filter extra water with gauze and mold it. White color is the best. Milk tofu is soft and edible, and can be dried and stored.