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Day 1   Spot 1 :Xilin Hot-North Gate of Geopark

      Spot2-3: Birds Museum, Geopark Museum of Natural History

      Sopt 4: Science Popularizationg Crridor,

      Spot 5: Geopark Monument,Bird-observing Corridor

      Spor 6: Dali Nur Lake

       Spot 7 Baiyin Oboo Sandy Spruce Museum

       Spot 8: Otindag-Sandy Spruce Forest

Spot 9:Ophiolite at the Five Stone Gate



Day 2  Spot 1 :Nadam Fair on the Prairie

      Spot2: Agritainment

     Sopt 3: Ashihaty Stone Forest

      Spot 4: Huanggangliang Mining Museum

      Spor 5: Huanggangliang Cycling Campsite

Spot 6 : Huanggangliang Exhibition Hall

       Spot7: Huanggangliang Ecology Corridor

Spot 8:Huanggang Peak


Day 3 Spot 1 :Reshui Hot Spring (Geo-culture Square、Geopark Monument)

      Spot2: Jingpeng Town

     Sopt 3: Hexigten Global Geopark Museum

      Spot 4: Geo-culture Square    

 Spor 5:Qingshan (Granite Mortar、Granite Forest)


Day4  Spot 1 : Longkou Rafting

Spot2: Xar Moron

      Spot3: Wulanbutong