Celebrating Earth Heritage; Sustaining Local Economy

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On the 19th, Arxan UNESCO Global Geopark Construction and Development Seminar was held in Arxan City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Representatives of Hexigten UNESCO Global Geopark and the other 12 representatives from Global Geoparks and National Geoparks and geological experts attended the meeting.

In May 2017, Arxan UNESCO Global Geopark was  accepted as a member of the GGN by UNESCO. Mainly characterized by volcanic landscapes and hot springs. Arxan UNESCO Global Geopark is the ideal outdoor resort for the public to enjoy and to explore plateau evolution, volcanism and hot spring formation.

The seminar was held for two days. On the morning of the 19th, the inscription ceremony was held in the main monument square of the park. In the afternoon, discussion forum on the construction and development of geoparks was organized. Experts gave speech on "Arxan Global Geopark", "Sustainable Development Goals and Global Geopark", "Challenges and Countermeasures of Chinese Global Geopark".

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the Hexigten Global Geopark exchanged rock specimens with Arxan. Ophiolite Suite in Hexigten UGG is found on both sides of Xar Moron Deep Fracture Belt. It is a major evidence of the defined location of the collision belt between the Siberia plate and Sino-Korean plate and is significant in tectonics.The ophiolite is also an important physical evidence for understanding the make-up, the structure and the changes of the lithosphere.


On the 20th, we visited Tianchi Geo-region. Prof. Wu Fadong from China University of Geosciences (Beijing) gave a professional explanations of the world-class geological heritages of Maar, Lava Tumuli and the Turtleback Lava, etc.